Watercooler Wednesday: Church security, nude restaurants and social media policies

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — It’s Watercooler Wednesday.

In light of Sunday’s mass shooting in Texas, some are renewing the call for armed security during worship services. Others say members should be allowed to carry at church. The laws do vary by state in that instance.

We find out what our panel thinks about weapons in church.

Plus, a photo of a woman flipping off President Donald Trump’s motorcade last week went viral, and it reportedly cost her her job.

Juli Briskman posted the picture on her social media accounts which do not identify her employer, but she did tell her boss.  They fired her, saying she violated their social media policy against obscene content. As government contractors, they also can’t have an employee making that gesture toward the President.

Is George Clooney “too old” to be a leading man?

The 56-year-old told a news outlet he doesn’t need the money and he’s tool old to be “the guy who gets the girl”. He’s not that man anymore in real life and shouldn’t play one on the big screen.

Finally, customers at one Paris restaurant must remove all of their clothes before entering the dining room. There are no windows at “O’ Naturel” so people outside cannot see you.

We find out if our panel would be comfortable dining at such a restaurant.

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