Should teenagers be allowed to vote?

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Danni Bruns with 98.1 The Max, longtime Radio Personality Steve Conley and our own Austen Onek joined us for Watercooler Wednesday.

First up: Should teenagers be allowed to vote?

In this day and age, so many teens work and pay taxes and some even support families. So why can't they vote? Should America lower the voting age?

Next: Divorce-proofing your marriage!

Researchers at Emory University conducted a study that looks at what people spend on their wedding and engagement ring and how it affects your marriage in the long run.

They came up with a guide to staying married longer. It includes dating for at least three years and claims if you make between $50,000 and $75,000 a year, divorce is 39 percent less likely.

It also includes things like going to church and not marrying solely for looks.

And finally, an attorney's request for a hearing delay is denied. She made the request because she had just had a baby, so when the judge denied her request for a case she took on in early September, the lawyer showed up in court with her 4-week-old baby strapped to her chest.

Get this - the judge scolded her and the baby started crying. The woman's husband is a truck driver who was out of state and at four weeks old the child is too young for child care.

Was this right or was the attorney trying to teach the judge a lesson?

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