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Here today are Bev Johnson from WDIA AM 1070, Kevin Cerrito with Sports 56 AM 560 and our own Kris Anderson.

This one’s getting a lot of attention nationwide; an honor student in Massachusetts is in trouble with her high school, for giving a drunken friend a ride.

The friend called Erin Cox from a party, said she didn’t feel safe, so Cox picked her up and took her home.

But the school says that they violated their zero tolerance policy against drugs and alcohol.

Now Cox is being demoted from captain of her volleyball team, and is suspended for five games.

A California mom’s Facebook photo has gone viral; she’s showing off her toned body, with her kids — ages 8 months, 2 and 3 years old around her with the caption, what’s your excuse?

Moms got mad, saying she was trying to bully or shame them.

But, she says she was just trying to encourage them, and that she has 2 jobs, no nanny, and still makes time to work out.

A school in Pennsylvania has cancelled its normal Halloween event and will not let kids dress up in class.

They say some people consider Halloween a secular holiday, while others believe it has religious overtones.

Something to this or can we not just let kids be kids?

There are new businesses popping up, first in New York, now in Wisconsin where people craving a human connection, can pay people to snuggle with them.

Business owners say it’s therapeutic not sexual and anything like that would end their relationship with a client.