Parenting Advice, Licensed Counseling And Gratuity Being Added To Your Meal?

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Here today are Danni Bruns, with 98.1 The Max, Myron Mays from Soul Classics 103.5 and our own George Brown.

First, popular parenting expert John Rosemond’s advice column runs in more than 200 newspapers nationwide!

But Kentucky has issued a Cease-And-Desist order, after a retired child psychologist there complained Rosemond, who’s from North Carolina, wasn’t licensed in Kentucky.

If more states follow suit, it could affect all kinds of people…like Dr. Phil, Dr. Drew.

Okay, so we know none of you are licensed counselors either, but you’re all parents.

So what advice do you have for new parents, Prince William and Kate Middleton?

They’re spending their first full day out of the hospital with their new son.

More restaurants are adding gratuity to their bills even for small parties.

CBS News caught several Times Square restaurants doing it, even though they’re not supposed to add a tip unless the parties are 8 or more.

Do you understand the practice, or is it too presumptuous?






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