MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Murders and homicides decreased in Memphis in 2022. Wednesday, Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland talked to WREG about how he wants to make the city safer in 2023.

There were 302 homicides last year, versus the record-setting 347 homicides the year before, MPD said Tuesday. There were 200 murders last year, versus 247 the year before. Not all homicides are considered murders.

Strickland attributed part of the drop to national trends, the local Scorpion unit in MPD, gun violence interruption programs in Memphis, and the recent Truth in Sentencing bill.

But there are still gaps in the law, Strickland said.

“You can shoot somebody and still not be required to serve any jail time or any prison time. That’s outrageous. They’re still getting probation. We need to eliminate that possibility of probation,” he said. “I think the revolving door at our court system is the number one government problem that we have.”