Live at 9: Your kidney health, Watercooler Wednesday & PXLS

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President’s executive order and your kidney health

Kidney disease is the ninth-leading cause of death in the United States and with a recent executive order signed by President Donald Trump changes are coming for how it’s treated. The executive order pushes for changes in three areas: prevention, dialysis care and kidney donation. Dr. James Eason has more on what that means for patients right here in the Mid-South.

Watercooler Wednesday

Another Mississippi candidate for governor makes headlines for comments about women and a Mid-South bred conspiracy theory takes their efforts to the skies. Danni Bruns, Steve Conley and Todd Demers joins us on Watercooler Wednesday.

Music with PXLS

PXLS brings their interpretations of the classic theme songs of your childhood to life. Jon Harrison and Ben Church along with the rest of the “video game” band are here to perform and explain ho they got started as musicians


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