Live at 9: What is the coronavirus, Caregiver's Respite & a sweet music treat

Live at 9
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What is the coronavirus?

We’ve been hearing a lot about the coronavirus, but what exactly is it? Dr. Manoj Jain has the answers.

Caregiver’s Respite

Caregivers face challenges each and everyday, and local organization called Caregiver’s Respite wants to make sure their stories reach authorities. Janice Williams explains what they hope to accomplish on Live at 9.

Link: Caregiver’s Respite

Music with Boris Hrepic Hrepa, Antonija Vrgoc Ro La

You’ve heard the saying about sinking your teeth into something. Well, how about some music or the album that music is on? That’s the case with this record from Croatian musician Boris Hrepic Hrepa. He’s here with his wife Antonija Vrgoc Ro La.

Boris Hrepic Hrepa and his wife Antonija Vrgoc Ro La made it to the semifinals of the International Blues Challenge in 2011. Now they’re sharing their talents with us on Live at 9.

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