Live at 9: ‘Vanishing Kings The Documentary,’ immunotherapy & conquering procrastination

Live at 9
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‘Vanishing Kings The Documentary’

In some of this country’s major cities black on black crime is considered at epidemic levels.., especially among underprivileged communities. Now, one filmmaker wants to shine a light on that and more. The film is called “Vanishing Kings The Documentary” and it gives an unapologetic look at that issue and many others that plague African Americans in our country. Pastor Ricky Floyd from the Pursuit of God Transformation Center and Colonel Greg Sanders with the Memphis Police Department joined us to talk about it.

Immunotherapy and allergies

More than five million children have a food allergy and for those kids it can be nerve wracking to deal with every day. Now a new study out says children who suffer from an egg allergy may be able to safely eat eggs with the help of immunotherapy. Dr. Jay Lieberman talked about how it work.

Conquering procrastination

We’re probably all looking for ways to meet the goals we’ve set for ourselves, and for many, procrastination can be a big problem. So, if you’re looking for ways to break that bad habit we are here with Sherica Hymes from the Total Woman Summit.

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