Live at 9: Tracing your ancestry, GatHER Conference and cooking with Chef Ragan

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Fighting Opioids

Despite the efforts to raise awareness for opioid abuse Tennessee had the largest number of overdose deaths ever in 2017.

Lori Minor and Jerry Williams are on the front line of the fight at Turning Point Treatment Center in Southaven.

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Tracing your ancestry

Whether you're interested in digging into your ancestry or tracing the history of some of your family's treasures, plan to be at the National Civil Rights Museum Thursday night. They are hosting a special workshop that will show you everything from how to preserve your grandmama's china to how to research your genealogy.

Raka Nandi is the museum's registrar and collections manager.

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GatHER Conference

The Mid-South is known as one of the most philanthropic areas in the nation. This weekend, women will share their journeys, their struggles and their love of God at the third annual GatHER Conference.

Pam Pegram with Master What Matters and founder of the Mid-South Love Home Paige Kimberlin will be center stage.

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Cooking with Chef Ragan Oglesby

We are just two weeks away from the last official summer holiday but there is still time to throw something on the grill.

Chef Ragan Oglesby helps us keep it simple and inexpensive, while impressing any and all guests.

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