Live at 9: The flu vaccine, funding HBCUs, earbuds and your health & Italian Winterfest

Live at 9

The effectiveness of the flu vaccine

According to the World Health Organization, the vaccine for the flu may be a mismatch for this year’s strain here in the United States. Dr. Manoj Jain joins us to discuss just how effect the vaccination is right  now.

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Funding HBCUs

President Donald Trump signed off on the legislation that provides more than $250 million a year to the nation's Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Doctor Carol Johnson Dean explains  what that means for the colleges here in Memphis.

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Earbuds and their affect on your health

Studies show people are spending upwards of seven hours a day attached to some form of technology and it's having an impact.  K.K Gross explains the damage earbuds and airpods could be having on your health.

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Italian Winterfest

Italian Winterfest brings together some of the finest Italian eatiers and dishes all in one place. Frank Gattuso from Ava Maria House and Chef Sue Valle Hall from the Italian Rebel joins us to tell us more about the event and help us create an alternative to traditional pizza.

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