Live at 9: Tennessee Promise mentors, artwork for Le Bonheur & Watercooler Wednesday

Live at 9
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Memphis in May’s long term impact

Memphis in May’s salute to the Czech Republic earlier this year has led to a long term and unexpected economic impact. The University of Memphis and the Czech Academy of Sciences have teamed up for a historic collaboration.

Susan Elliott with Memphis in May and Deborah Hernandez from the University of Memphis explained what’s going on.

Tennessee Promise needs mentors

We’re just days away from the deadline to sign up and be a mentor to Tennessee high school students and Tennessee Promise still needs some 1,400 mentors across the state.

Shawn Boyd explained how easy it is to make a lasting impact right in your own backyard.

Local students auction art for Le Bonheur

For the past month preschoolers at the Goddard School of Collierville and Cordova have been creating art. Now, those masterpieces will be auctioned to raise money for Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital.

Watercooler Wednesday

It’s Watercooler Wednesday. Bev Johnson from WDIA, Corie Ventura and Austen Onek joined us to talk about some of the hottest topics online.


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