Live at 9: Tech901, ‘Gospel According to Soul’ & Watercooler Wednesday

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Introducing Tech901

Thousands of jobs are available right here in the state of Tennessee but not enough people are trained to do them. A new non-profit in Memphis is changing that by teaching technology to workers who are either looking for a job or want a better one.

Instructor Blair Perry and graduate Nefertiti Beckett explain what the group does and how it’s helped local job seekers.


Health Alert: Colon cancer 101

Colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in the United States, but it doesn’t have to be. That’s because it’s highly preventable, detectable, and treatable.

Patient Manesha Hathcock and Dr. Ziad Younes talk about the process.

Watercooler Wednesday


Would Americans be best-served without the right to bear arms? That’s an argument retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens is making, but will it happen?

It will soon be harder to find Cosmopolitan. Walmart will continue to sell the magazine but it will no longer be available in the checkout lines. The decision came after discussions with the National Center on Sexual Exploitation which consider Cosmo porn.

Then, a Planned Parenthood branch in Pennsylvania posted a now-deleted tweet Tuesday calling for Disney to make a princess who’s had an abortion among other things.

Find out our panels’ reaction.

Finally, a new survey from the dating site Zoosk says more than half of women say a date who dresses poorly is a deal-breaker while men say it’s not. Find out what style turns off our panel in this week’s Watercooler Wednesday.

The ‘Gospel According to Soul’

The story of Jesus is about saving our souls but this morning we’re talking about Christ in terms of another kind of soul.  “Gospel According to Soul” is a new musical that will appear on stage in Memphis this weekend.

Writer, director and producer Dwayne Hunt stopped by to talk about the production and to give us a preview.

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