Live at 9: TBI crime stats, ‘A Spy in Canaan’ & Hannibal Buress

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Operation: Safe Community

The latest figures from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation show young offenders now consistently account for over half of major violent crime arrests in Memphis and Shelby County.

Bill Gibbons, the president of the Memphis Shelby Crime Commission, joins us to talk about how our leaders are addressing this problem through Operation: Safe Community.

‘A Spy in Canaan’

As we approach MLK 50 many around the world are looking back on the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Junior and they will do so, through the photographs of famed Memphis photographer Ernest Withers. Mr. Withers captured many iconic moments of the Civil Rights Movement all while leading a double life as an FBI informant.

Marc Perrusquia’s new book “A Spy in Canaan” talks about his untold story.

Hannibal Buress

You know actor and comedian Hannibal Buress from the Comedy Central show “Broad City” and movies like “Daddy’s Home”, “Spider-Man: Homecoming” and “Baywatch”.  Now, he’s adding two more comedies to the list with the release of “Tag” and “Blockers”.

Cooking with Chef Shorty

You’ve heard about dinner and a show, but our next guest makes sure breakfast is entertaining too. He goes by Chef Shorty and you may have seen him serving up omelets at Owen Brennan’s.


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