Live at 9: Surprise for veteran, scam alert, Memphis Grizzlies talk, Tyler Craig and children’s health care

Live at 9
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Surprising a local veteran

A Navy veteran got a big surprise on Friday thank to Purple Heart Homes.

Scam Alert with Randy Hutchinson

A scam alert  for anyone who may be thinking about heading out on vacation. Randy Hutchinson explains how you can protect yourself from con artists that are targeting people with timeshares.

Memphis Grizzlies Talk

The Memphis Grizzlies come in right before the NBA draft with the announcement of a new head coach.  And of course, folks are already talking about what we can expect this upcoming season. Larry Robinson and Howard Robertson joined us to talk about that and more on Live at 9.

Getting kids the health care they need

Getting kids the health care they need is just part of the work being done by the Shriners at Al Chymia here in Memphis. With many families not able to afford specialized care, this effort is more important than ever.  Jimmy Norman  stopped by to explain what this means for children with orthopedic problems.

Comedian Tyler Craig

This Atlanta native has been making audiences laugh for a long time. From HBO’s Def Comedy Jam to BET’s Comic View, he’s no stranger to comedy fans. Now, you can see Tyler Craig right here in Memphis at Chuckles Comedy House.

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