Live at 9: South Memphis teens leading the way, fake products & ‘Standing on the Edge’

Live at 9
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Memphis teens making a difference

Ten teenagers in South Memphis are leading the way when it comes to the future of bicycling. They were one of just 10 groups chosen out of 80 nationwide to take part in “The Big Jump Project.”

Sequoia Campbell and Daniel Gregg talk about the project on Live at 9.

Watch out for the fakes

The government is warning consumers about counterfeits. Everything from travel mugs to cosmetics can be faked and sometimes with dangerous consequences.

Randy Hutchinson with the Better Business Bureau explains how you can protect yourself.

The SeaPerch Challenge 

If you love science and the sea you just might be the perfect candidate for the Memphis SeaPerch Challenge – an underwater robotics competition that could inspire the next generation of engineers.

Dedric McGhee with Shelby County Schools is here with parent Rhonnie Brewer and student Aneesha Kalaga.

Author Chat

William Webb combines his love of military history and science fiction and fantasy to create the world of “The Last Brigade.” He just released the third book in the popular series called “Standing on the Edge.”

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