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Shelby County Commission Update

A busy week for the Shelby County Commission whose agenda had more than 50 items they wanted to take care of before the holidays. Van Turner and Mark Billingsley joined us to talk about that.

Southwest: Helping Vatterott College, L’Ecole Culinaire students

Just days before the holidays Vatterott College and L’Ecole Culinaire left students and staff in a lurch with their abrupt closures. Southwest Community College wants to help those students continue their education. Jacqueline Faulkner and Dr. Robin Cole joined us to talk about how they plan to do just that.

Trip of a lifetime

An adventure of a lifetime. Three families from Christ United Methodist Day School went on safari with local wildlife photographer Jack Kenner. What they came home with is now on display at Arts Memphis.

Cooking with Chef Ragan

The holidays are a stressful time of year. So while you focus on getting together your plans, Chef Ragan Oglesby has created a dish that is sure to please.