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Union leaders ask for sales tax increase

The Memphis police and firefighters associations need your help to restore benefits to the men and women who serve this city every day. They’re asking voters to raise the city’s sales tax by half-a-percent.

Thomas Malone from the Memphis Firefighters Association and Mike Williams from the Memphis PoliceĀ  AssociationĀ stopped by to explain why it’s needed.

AARP’s Purpose Prize

Tomorrow is the beginning of the annual “Day of Service” period surrounding the Doctor Martin Luther King, Junior holiday. But there are plenty of people in our community who help others on a daily basis,- and now, there’s a way to reward them.

Kate Schineller and Karen Cassidy joined us with more on AARP’s Purpose Prize.

Music with Justin Cook

If you’ve ever wanted to be in a music video you’ll soon have a chance, right here in the Mid-South. Justin Cook is a Christian artist who is returning to music after a few years away from the mic.

Spill It Memphis

The Mid-South is full of colorful characters who love to tell stories, but who’s the best storyteller of them all? There’s an event this weekend that’s putting the city’s best story tellers to the test.

Josh Campbell with Spill It Memphis stopped by to talk about the event.

Cooking with Chef Ragan

We’re less than a month away from Valentine’s Day and if you’re already worried about what to do for that special someone you are in luck. Chef Ragan shared a recipe for a real decadent treat.


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