Live at 9: Respect My City, LeMoyne-Owen College & Halloween fun

Live at 9
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Respect My City

All too often we are our own worst enemy, and for many, that’s the case when talking about this city we live in. But one organization called Respect My City wants to change all that.

LeMoyne-Owen College’s annual President’s Gala

LeMoyne-Owen College will hold its second President’s Gala in November. Dr. Andrea Miller and Adrienne Bailey are here to talk about why this year’s event is so special.

Viewing Halloween a little differently

They helped you safely view the eclipse, 3D movies and so much more. Now American Paper Optics wants to help you view Halloween a little differently too.

Music with Vicki Yohe

Born into a minister’s family, Vicki Yohe is no stranger to gospel and worship music. In fact, her ministry work has taken her all over the world. Now she’s here in Memphis to minister as a health coach.

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