Live at 9: PST program, Ark Farms & cooking with Mama Gaia

Live at 9
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The PST program

One of the first things Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland did upon taking office two years ago, was resurrect the PST program, a kind of apprentice program for Memphis officers. Having police service technicians handle things like traffic control or minor accidents frees up investigators for other work. And the PSTs benefit too by having college paid for while earning a salary on top of that.

Officers Wonderful Tate and Kevin Moore join us now.

Ark Farms

A health crisis leads a Mid-South woman to use her family’s farm to make a difference. Abby Mauwong owns Ark Farms, where teenagers who need direction can find it, learning everything from construction to animal care.

Fourteen-year-old Madison Mathis learned so much during her internship that she now helps teach construction skills, and Aaron Shankle is a current intern.

“An Unseen Light”

When Memphis is mentioned in connection with the Civil Rights Movement, it’s usually the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Junior that comes up first, but a new book shines the light on the many ways the Bluff City helped the movement progress.

Professors Aram Goudsouzian and Chuck McKinney brought together 17 different scholars to reveal Memphis’ “Unseen Light”.

Cooking with Mama Gaia

With a little time and a corner of your backyard, you can save a lot of money on groceries and eat healthier at the same time. For those who don’t want to grow their own vegetables or shop organic, let Philipp and Cru Von Holtzendorff-Fehling do the cooking for you at Mama Gaia in Midtown.

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