Live at 9: Pay raises for Shelby County mayor, breastfeeding & Social X

Live at 9
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Your Voice, Your Vote: Pay raises

Aside from deciding on the candidates in the upcoming election, Shelby County voters will also have a say on whether the county mayor will have an automatic pay raise.

Heidi Schafer and Walter Bailey discuss that on Live at 9.

Memphis firm getting attention for breastfeeding policy

No one disputes the health benefits of breast-feeding, and a unique new perk at a Memphis law firm is getting widespread attention. Wyatt, Tarrant and Combs cover the shipping costs of traveling attorneys who wish to send their breast milk back home to their babies.

Social X

Memphis routinely tops the list of philanthropic cities but have you sometimes wondered if you’re giving to an organization that’s really doing work that matters to you? Soon, there will be an app for that.

Jeffrey Peterson is the brains behind Social X, an app that matches you with organizations doing work you really want to support.

Cooking with Chef Regan

Summertime meals are often casual, but sometimes you also want to dress them up. That’s where The Cosmopolitan Cook’s lobster rolls comes in!

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