Live at 9: Memphis Riverfront, BBB’s top scams, free tax help & seniors and the flu

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Memphis Riverfront development

The Memphis Riverparks partnership is working to revitalize the riverfront, but they’re not stopping there. They’re offering grants to individual neighborhoods for special improvement projects.

Jamal Boddie is with Memphis Riverparks.

BBB’s top scams

The Better Business Bureau is out with a new report looking at how tech-savvy scammers are going after more and more Americans. Randy Hutchinson from the BBB has a look at the top scams going around now and what you can do to protect yourself.

Seniors and the flu

As we head further into March we’re getting closer to the traditional end of the flu season. But even this late in the game, this year’s flu strain is still going strong, especially among senior citizens.

Chad Trusty is an elder care expert with Visiting Angels.

United Way free tax help

The deadline to file your federal tax returns is only just over a month away, but this year, new tax laws are creating some headaches for taxpayers.  The United Way is offering some free help.

Phyllis Fickling from that organization was here along with Ameri-Corps volunteers Meghan Harris and Karen Rivera.

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