Live at 9: Memphis Lift, legislative update, Dr. Sarah Smith & Cowboy Mouth

Live at 9
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Memphis Lift

Memphis Lift is an advocacy group that works to change public education here in the Mid-South while also educating parents and grandparents about what needs to be done. Sarah Carpenter and Dianechia Fields stopped by to explain more about what they do.

Tennessee legislative update

From the proposal for a Medicaid block grant to the rising number of vaping-related illnesses and deaths across the country, the list of items facing Tennessee lawmakers in the next session is lengthy.  Senators Raumesh Akbari and Brian Kelsey stopped by to discuss all this and more on Live at 9.

Interview with Dr. Sarah Smith

Imagine discovering you have a skin disorder that’s painful but also a mystery to the doctors you’ve had check it out.  Fortunately, that patient found Dermatologist Dr. Sarah Smith who had all the answers. For more information on contacting Dr. Sarah Smith, click here.

Music with Cowboy Mouth

Cowboy Mouth is known for their electrifying live shows on stages all across the country. Now they’re back in the Mid-South and rumor has it are working on a new album.

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