Live at 9: Mayor Strickland, Watercooler Wednesday & Nut Remix

Live at 9
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Mayor Strickland on City Council drama

Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland joined us on Live at 9 to share his thoughts on all that’s developed within the council since last week’s walk out.

Watercooler Wednesday

What kind of tree you’ll get for the holidays is a debate for some. And did NASA land on the moon? That’s apparently up for debate as well.

Kevin Cerrito, Michelle Lewis and Austen Onek joined us this week.

Nut Remix

The 16th annual Nut Remix will be performed at the Cannon Center this weekend. The holiday hit re-imagines the classic Nutcracker using classic ballet, hip-hop, flamenco and even some memphis jookin!

Katie Smythe with New Ballet and Lil Buck joined us in studio for a preview.

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