Live at 9: MAS, cutting your stroke risk, Adarryll Jackson Sr. & East Coast Wings & Grill

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MAS: The progress being made

From employees being charged with animal cruelty, to a kill rate that put down seven animals out of 10, the Memphis Animal Shelter has a troubled past. But the word past is key. Work over the last two years now means nine out of 10 animals are saved, and has earned the Memphis Animal Shelter a national award from the Best Friends Animal Society.

Alexis Pugh talks about the progress being made on Live at 9.

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3 Things: How to cut your risk of a stroke

Stroke is the third leading cause of death in the United States, and the number one cause of serious disability. But the good news is that doctors can now identify your specific risk factors, and get to work on prevention.

Dr. David Wright is founder of Adventia Wellness, which uses cutting edge software to identify your trouble areas. He has three things we can all do today to cut our risk.

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Make a Difference Monday

A Mid-South man showed the world what he loves about about his hometown through photography. "The Memphis I Love" featured the beauty of the Bluff City from a different perspective.

Check out some more of Adarryll Jackson Senior's work here.

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Cooking with East Coast Wings & Grill

Have you ever bitten into spicy food whose heat overwhelmed the flavor? Wingmaster Gannon Buckmaster doesn't like that any more than you do: his company, East Coast Wings & Grill actually hired a food scientist to show them how to add heat without jeopardizing flavor.

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