Live at 9: Karl Dean, cooking with Patrick Gilbert & Faizon Love

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Karl Dean: The 901 Matters

Memphis often feels “left out” of decisions made at the state level but former Nashville Mayor Karl Dean wants voters to know that the 901 matters. That part of his platform focuses on helping Memphis reduce crime, increase economic opportunity and address poverty.

Keeping you air conditioner in tip top shape

If it’s 95 degrees or hotter, your home’s air conditioner is running at full capacity and here in the Mid-South that can go on for weeks on end.

Randall Linn and Ric Farrell are with Choates HVAC and gave us some pointers that hopefully will keep your unit running smoothly.

Cooking with Patrick Gilbert

If you’re trying to find a healthy protein to put on the grill look no further than salmon, but how do you get the flavor your family’s looking for?

Patrick Gilbert is one of the chefs at Restaurant Iris and has some ideas.

Comedian Faizon Love

From feature films like Friday and Elf to small screen successes like Blackish,  Faizon Love is one of the hardest working comics out there, but he always makes time for touring and performing live at clubs like Chuckles in Cordova.

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