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Herman Cain shows support for Charlotte Bergmann

A former Presidential candidate is here in the Mid-South ahead of the mid-term election to show some support.

Herman Cain joins us with Republican candidate Charlotte Bergmann.

Locals tackle sexual misconduct issues in the Mid-South

Sexual assault and misconduct has been making headlines in national news for months and they have resonated here in the Mid-South. Some locals have started working to fight those issues here.

Deborah Club with the Memphis Area Women’s Council and Sandy Bromley with the Shelby County Crime Victim Center join us.

‘Toxic Home, Conscious Home’

If your health issues are taking a toll and you have tried everything, you might want to try home wellness.

Dr. Rob Brown’s “Toxic Home, Conscious Home” examines how toxins in your home can actually play a big factor in your health.

Music with Marcela Pinilla

She’s making a name for herself in Nashville, but this week Marcela Pinilla returns to the Mid-South this Friday to perform at the Unity Church of Practical Christianity.