Live at 9: Fake stem cell treatments, Character Playbook, Princeton James & The Stax Museum

Live at 9
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Fake stem cell treatments

In the past year, the federal government has moved to crack down on clinics peddling unproven stem cell therapies with wild promises of treating serious diseases such as Parkinson’s, autism and even M.S.

Randy Hutchinson from the Better Business Bureau explained how you can spot a fraud.

Character Playbook in schools

Schools that teach character education report higher academic performance, improved attendance, reduced violence, fewer disciplinary issues, and that’s just the beginning. That’s why United Way is teaming up with the National Football League and Everfi to make Character Playbook available at no cost to middle schools across the nation.

Princeton James Productions

This Mississippi native has loved music and the stage since a young age, so when he gave up the grind of the corporate world, it’s no surprise he went with what he loved.

Princeton James also uses his love of the stage to help young people right here in the Mid-South.

The Stax Museum’s annual Staxtacular

Grit, grind, and get funky! The Stax Museum’s annual Staxtacular will feature a star studded evening of music, food, and more. James Alexander stopped by with some of his students to tell us more about the event.



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