Live at 9: Expungement fair, Ryan Daniel and Watercooler Wednesday

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Expungement fair

Shelby County has one of the largest populations in the state when it comes to people with a criminal record. Getting those records cleared isn’t any easy task, which is where Harold Collins and Kamilah Turner come in. They talked with Marybeth Conley and Alex Coleman about an upcoming expungement fair that could make all the difference in the world.

Keeping dementia patients safe

It’s a story we’ve had to cover time and time again. A patient with Alzheimer’s or dementia wanders off from their home or care facility. So what can you do as a caregiver or family member to keep those loved ones in your care safe and sound? Lynn Doyle and Judy Elaine Davis have some advice.

Music with Ryan Daniel

Country singer Ryan Daniel has been nominated for several awards and even has a hit currently moving up the country charts. He’s also an Air Force veteran who uses his music to give back to military communities.

Watercooler Wednesday

Kevin Cerrito, Corie Ventura and Todd Demers joined us for this segment of Watercooler Wednesday.

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