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The ‘All of Us’ Initiative

The Memphis Public Library is becoming a one-stop shop for information to improve your family’s health. Memphis was one of a handful of libraries chosen for the National Institute of Health’s “All of Us” Initiative.

Blake McVey can explain what that means to you.

‘Do You Really Need That Pill?’

Americans are hyper-focused on the opioid epidemic, but a family physician warns pain meds are not the only prescription drugs we should be concerned about.

Dr. Jennifer Jacobs writes about the over-medicating of America in her new book “Do You Really Need That Pill?”

What is Neurofeedback?

From emotional disorders to learning disabilities to mental illness: a Memphis practitioner has an alternative to traditional treatments that could help.

Lee Ann Foster and her husband use Neurofeedback to help their patients.

Know the signs of ADHD

New numbers point to a troubling trend. More than 10 percent of American children are diagnosed with ADHD and it helps if parents are able to identify signs early.

Dr. Valerie Arnold is with CNS Healthcare.

The Weight is Over Fashion Show

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and sometimes, as women we need to remember that we are beautiful just the way we are made. That is why Ashley Dean-Parson created “The Weight is Over” after she had several encounters with several designers who don’t cater to stylish, full-figured women.