Live at 9: Deaf Connect of the Mid-South, Knowledge Quest & Cody Wright

Live at 9
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Make a Difference Monday: Deaf Connect of the Mid-South

It’s Make a Difference Monday and Deaf Connect of the Mid-South is doing just that in the deaf community and beyond. Lee Kezar and Melanie Hubbard stopped by to explain how they are educating young people and why it’s so important.

Knowledge Quest

With today’s technology driven world the idea of creative thinking may seem like something from the past, but Knowledge Quest is working with area youth to help them learn strategies and the process for creative problem solving.  Marlon Foster, R.J. Morgan and Yumecia Love stopped by to talk about their experience on Live at 9.

Cooking with Cody Wright

The Fourth of July holiday is now behind us, but for some of us those leftovers are still taking up space in our kitchen. Cody Wright with Kroger has some ideas on what to do with all those leftovers.

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