Live at 9: Cloning puppies, federal budget cuts & Spring Break savings

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Getting legal aid

Hearings are underway in Washington over President Donald Trump’s budget for the next fiscal year. The plan cuts millions of dollars to the Legal Services Corporation, which funds legal aid organizations like Memphis Area Legal Services.

Spring Break savings

With Spring Break just around the corner for a lot of families, kids are getting excited while their parents may be getting a little stressed. Chief Consumer Investigator Zaneta Lowe has some tips on how to save some money for spring travel.

Divorce and taxes

For couples no longer feeling the love, separation or divorce may be the next step, but what about your taxes? The new tax laws may make the process even more difficult.

Attorney Kirkland Bible walks us through this important topic.

Watercooler Wednesday

A new study suggests one in seven kids between the ages of 12 and 17 are actively sexting, while one in four has been sexted in the past. It’s something researchers said should be part of sexual education courses in school, but what does our panel think?

Would you clone your best friend? Barbara Streisand has done it twice after her beloved dog died last year.  Is it creepy or sweet?

Then, U.S. Olympic bobsledder Lauren Gibbs received backlash after taking a selfie with Ivanka Trump and posting it online. Is it really a big deal?

Our panel, Kevin Cerrito, Corie Ventura and Todd Demers talks about it on Watercooler Wednesday.

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