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Will the schools get more money?

Shelby County Schools want $10 million above their budget in order to boost literacy instruction, expand preschool classrooms, and help more students graduate. On Tuesday, the school board delayed another vote on their budget as Shelby County Commissioners now weight that request. Commissioners Michael Whaley and Brandon Morrison stopped by to talk about that on Live at 9.

Author Chat with Mabra Holeyfield

A self-described serial entrepreneur, Mabra Holeyfield is no stranger to the comings and goings of the Bluff City, and now he’s using his experience to take on some hard hitting topics in his new book. It’s called “Use What You Got” and focuses on continuing problems in the African American community, especially poverty.

Watercooler Wednesday

Are you a multi-tasker when it comes to your smartphone? Well, you could be soon breaking the law. And would you take a nap in a bar?

SpringBoard Memphis

Some of the music industry’s most talented people will be on hand for SpringBoard Memphis. Ken Steorts and Ko &The Crew were here to tell us more about the exciting and possibly life-changing event.