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Kevin Cerrito with “I Love Memphis Blog,” Michelle Lewis with FM 100, and our very own Adam Hammond joined us for Watercooler Wednesday!

Let’s get right into our first topic…

Will the scandal that marred Bill Clinton’s presidency ever go away?

This painting of the former president now hangs in the National Portrait Gallery. In the painting, there is a shadow on the mantle next to Mr. Clinton.

The painter revealed, in a recent interview, that the shadow represents the Monica Lewinsky Scandal, more specifically Lewinsky’s blue dress.

Shanks says Mr. Clinton hated the portrait but he did not say if the Clintons’ knew about the significance of the shadow.

Earlier this week, hundreds of students in New Mexico staged a massive walkout in protest of the state’s new standardized test.

This is the first year New Mexico is giving students the test.

State officials want to use it to grade teachers and schools, but students say the test isn`t fair for a lot of reasons like how it`s timed, how it`s only on computers, and how it`s harder than the previously-used test.

Are some coaches just going too far?

Vanderbilt’s Men’s Basketball Coach Kevin Stallings got a lot heat after he was caught on camera profanely berating one of his player after the athlete taunted a member of the opposing team following a win.

Stallings did apologize.

Is that going overboard?