It’s Watercooler Wednesday!

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It's Watercooler Wednesday!

Here today are Danni Bruns from 98.1 The Max, Steve Conley from 99.3 Guess FM and Mirimichi Golf Course and our very own Todd Demers.

Big game hunters are coming under fire after an American dentist killed a rare black mane lion named Cecil in Africa.

Sabrina Corgatelli, a mom from Idaho suddenly is being heavily criticized for pictures on her Facebook page of her big game trophies.

While some say it must make her feel very big to kill a harmless animal, others are defending her and she says everything she's done, is legal.

What side are you on?

A Virginia mom is asking her child's school to flunk her daughter.

The school passed the girl, even though she failed her assignments, skipped classes, and even missed the final exam.

They say the girl is actually bright, and understands all the material, she just hates school.

The school believes teachers should be able to evaluate a student beyond their scores.

But the mom says her daughter will never succeed in college if she doesn't learn her lesson in high school.

Others feel subjecting her to the same classes again, would only discourage her more.

We told you earlier this week that Amazon's new WiFi enabled dash buttons are now available to its prime members.

They allow you to order specific items like detergent or diapers with the push of a button.

The button itself costs $5.

Worth the convenience?

And during bankruptcy proceedings, 50 Cent revealed he spends $108,000 a month on expenses, not including his housing.

He listed $9,000 for security, $5,000 for gardening, $3,000 on his wardrobe, $1,000 for grooming…

What would you spend a $100,000 on a month if you had it to blow?

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