Zoo monkey goes to Cordova veterinary hospital for CAT scan

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. –  Just like people animals sometimes need x-rays and scans to find out what is wrong with them.  Thursday,  the Memphis zoo sent a Spot-nosed Guenon named Benjamin Button to the Memphis Veterinary Specialists for a CAT scan.

The nearly two-year-old primate began experiencing nose bleeds a few months ago and recently zoo keepers began concerned when he started tilting his head.

“Our veterinarian thought it would be great if we could get a CT scan just like you do with a person, but we don’t  have a CT scan,” said Matt Thompson, Director of Animal Programs for the Memphis Zoo.

So, the monkey was transported to the Memphis Veterinary Specialists.  It’s the only animal hospital in the Mid-South that provides that kind of imaging for animals.

A radiologist told us it would be her first time reading the scans of a monkey.

“It’s kind of a lot of pressure, but I’m excited.  I grew up going to the Memphis Zoo.  They do so much for a community for the community and provide such a nice place for people to go and, so, I’m happy to be able to partner with them and help hopefully help them out,” said Dr. Jennifer Miller

Dr. Miller said she hoped to determine if there was some sort of neurological issue going on with the monkey.

No word yet from the Memphis Zoo about what the scans showed, but they have promised to keep us updated about the monkey’s condition.

Benjamin Button was born at the zoo in February of last year.

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