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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A man shot by his girlfriend is still in critical condition.

Police say she shot him during a domestic dispute.

It happened at the Park Estates Apartment Homes on Estate Drive between Poplar and Park in East Memphis.

The YWCA says an increasing number of men are becoming victims of domestic violence.

Men are calling the crisis helpline more and more.

Jacquelyn Williams with the YWCA says they want to know how to get out of their situation.

“They’re curious because they’re experiencing some aggression from either their wives or girlfriends and they’re wanting information,” she said.

Williams says sometimes embarrassment gets in the way of men asking for help but when they call the helpline, there’s a common question they ask.

“They call and they ask questions like how do I get an order of protection from this woman, she’s pursuing me or she’s stalking me, what can I do to protect myself,” Williams said.

Police are still investigating the shooting in East Memphis where a woman shot her boyfriend Tuesday morning, but many are curious to know why she shot him.

“I’m shocked because nothing ever happens over here, we were wondering when we pulled up what was going on,” Toni Donelson, who works on East Memphis, said.

Williams says a number of things lead to this kind of domestic violence.

She says women often resort to shooting to defend themselves. Others agree.

“You get to a point where you just tired and you feel like if the police isn’t going to do anything, I have to take matters into my own hands,” Donelson said.

Williams says men and women in these situations need to get help.

The woman was taken into custody and is being questioned.

WREG is still waiting to hear from police to see if charges will be filed.