‘Yo mama’: City leader says he regrets snapping back at council meeting


Memphis City Councilman Berlin Boyd

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — When someone in the crowd criticized the city council chairman using profanity, he snapped back with an insult Tuesday night.

Now, Berlin Boyd says he has regrets about how he handled it.

Local activist Hunter Demster says he supports Rhonda Logan for the appointment, and made it clear by cursing at Boyd.

"I said this is a ****show and you’re a disgrace to the city of Memphis, and I stand by it," Demster said. "I’m a grown-up, this is the real world and people use cuss words.”

After Boyd asked Demster not to curse in council chambers, Demster called him an "embarrassment," prompting this response from Boyd:

"Just like yo mama, how about that.”

Boyd says he has regrets.

"I hate that I made the comment in the public setting or council chambers because, one, I take what I do very seriously or two, I don’t wanna disrespect those chambers,” Boyd said.

But he says this exchange came during a heated month for City Council.

"It’s been really stressful even among my colleagues, but we’re bridging that gap and trying to work together to move the city forward," he said of the district one appointment disagreements.

Demster says it’s no excuse, and he’s frustrated too.

"We’re just at a breaking point where we don’t know how to get through to them. Letters aren’t working,” Demster said. "We demand transparency and accountability. If you can’t handle it you need to step down.”

Demster’s mother is actually related to another council member. Ford Canale’s wife is Demster’s cousin, making his mom an aunt by marriage to Councilman Canale.

Despite all of this council members ended the meeting in prayer and are already set to pick a new chairman in January. Boyd has been chairman for two years.


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