Sanford: Alabama election might signal change in American politics

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. —  The stunning outcome in the Alabama Senate race is reverberating far beyond the coast of Mobile, the plains of Auburn and the hills of Huntsville. Democrat Doug Jones did more than win an election against monumental odds — his victory just might signal yet another sea change in American politics where bigotry and intolerance take a back seat to inclusiveness and decency.

Few if any observers gave Jones a chance in the deep red state of Alabama despite the flaws of his Republican opponent Roy Moore. The conventional wisdom was that a majority of Alabama voters were more focused on upholding conservative principles and were willing to overlook very credible allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior by Moore.

But that was not the case.

Alabama voters showed that they will not excuse blatant lies, antiquated ideas and, yes, outright racism.

Tuesday`s result is an emphatic repudiation of not just Moore, but also of President Donald Trump who went all in for Moore. In addition, the voices of women spoke loud and clear, and African-Americans turned out in huge numbers for the Democrat.

Both of those developments are not good news for Republicans elsewhere - including Tennessee - who continue to kowtow to the President and his own issues with race and improper sexual behavior.

The bottom line to Tuesday`s election is this: 2018 just might become a year of reckoning in American politics.

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