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HERNANDO, Miss. — Cory Uselton’s children begged people in DeSoto County to elect him superintendent in a radio ad.

“It isn’t fun being the principal’s kid. So we need your help,” the boys said in the ad.

Uselton’s son’s got their wish. The current DeSoto Central High School principal will take over the district in January.

“I’ve had to get used to the superintendent-elect (title),” Uselton told WREG.

The superintendent-elect is already attending meetings while still running a high school.

“The main thing I want to do right now is get to meet as many teachers as I can,” Uselton said. “I plan on going out, over these next four months during that transition time, to all the schools — sit down, talk to teachers, find out their thoughts, find out what their expectations are for their new superintendent.”

Uselton also plans on meeting with parents who had issues with the district in the past.

“I want teachers and parents to always feel like they can talk to me,” he said.

This is the first time in 12 years DeSoto County has elected a new superintendent.

“This school district could’ve done a nationwide search and could not have found a better superintendent,” Milton Kuykendall, the current DeSoto County superintendent, said.

Kuykendall did not run for re-election and is retiring in December.

“I’ve had a great opportunity. I’ve had great support,” Kuykendall said. “I feel like this school district is one of the top school districts in America.”

The Mississippi Department of Education named the DeSoto County School District one of the best in the state.

It will be up to Uselton to keep it that way or make the district better.

“As the superintendent, I can take the voice of our teachers and the voice of our parents to Jackson and to let them know our concerns about the curriculum and the common core,” Uselton said.

The district will begin the process of looking for Uselton’s replacement at DeSoto Central High School as soon as possible.