Emergency alerts on Netflix, Hulu? One TN lawmaker says yes

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. — It is pretty much habit among many people today. You grab that coveted snack and find your favorite movie or TV show on a streaming service like Netflix or Hulu.

“I use those more than anything because they have got TV shows and movies on those. I really don’t need cable if I’ve got Netflix or something like that,” said East Tennessee State University student Corey Nelms.

He said cable is pretty much a thing the past, but what about those special alert message warning people about inclement weather, missing children or other emergencies?

State Representative John Holsclaw said the streaming services should carry those alerts too.

“With the technology we have today these warning systems, we can get that information out to the people in time to take shelter or be informed to do certain actions,” he said. “We need to incorporate that into those streaming services so they are still informed like they used to be with the local networks.”

Holsclaw said he’s still researching this possibility. He insisted it’s necessary since so many people are “cutting the cable cord” and choosing to go with streaming services.

“They are watching movies without commercials and those kind of stuff so we need to look at way to incorporate these streaming warnings because its imperative that we keep the people safe and informed.”

Nelms agreed.

“Just in case somebody may not have a cell phone or something like that. They could be watching television or something like that and an emergency pop up. I think it is important for somebody to know if its an Amber Alert or an emergency weather alert.”

Congressman Phil Roe said he hasn’t given much thought to the topic, but understands why it would be useful.

“People use these services and I have a Netflix account and it is certainly another way to inform people. For instance, you are saying an Amber Alert, tornado alert, flooding or snow storm or whatever.”


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