Corker responds to Trump’s attack: White House is ‘adult day care’

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Sen. Bob Corker responded Sunday with a stinging rebuke to President Donald Trump’s White House after the president aimed a series of critical tweets at the retiring Republican senator and one-time Trump ally.

Corker, a Tennessee Republican and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman, is not running for re-election in 2018.

Corker’s apparently drawn Trump’s ire for saying recently that the Pentagon chief, the secretary of state and Trump’s own chief of staff are “those people that help separate our country from chaos.”

Trump tweets that Corker “begged” for a presidential endorsement for re-election. Trump says he said “no” and then Corker decided not to run. But The Associated Press has reported that Trump and Corker met privately at the White House last month, and Trump urged Corker to run.

Trump says he now expects his fellow Republican “to be a negative voice and stand in the way” of the White House’s agenda. And Trump’s accusing Corker of being “largely responsible” for the landmark Iran nuclear deal.

But the Obama administration negotiated the international agreement, and Corker tried to require that President Barack Obama submit it to Congress for approval.

Corker sent his own tweet in response, calling the White House “an adult day care center.”

Later Sunday, in an interview with The New York Times, Corker said Trump could set the U.S. “on the path to World War III” with threats toward other countries. He said other GOP senators are worried about Trump as well.

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