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MEMPHIS, Tenn. – When the day suddenly turns to night Monday afternoon some members of the animal kingdom could get a bit confused.

Animal experts say during the total solar eclipse birds my get quiet and nocturnal animals may suddenly come out.

Veterinarians at Grace Animal Hospital say your own pet or dog could also start exhibiting a strange behavior.

” What we worry about is we have a lot of dogs that have storm phobia’s and they can sense differences in the barometric pressure and they know when something is happening — that something weird is happening, ” said Dr. Cam Hornsby.

Dr. Cam Hornsby with Grace Animal Hospital also worries about dogs that have seizures and said they are asking pet owners to be prepared and talk to their vets.

” My dog has storm anxiety so I may leave the TV on that day, some lights on or something just so she is a little less aware of the changes, but she is still going to be affected,” said Dr. Hornsby.

While it’s unlikely your dog or cat will look directly at the sun, veterinarians say they can suffer retina damage just like humans.

Dr. Hornsby says if you’re worried at all about your pets just keep them inside the entire time.

The Memphis Zoo is eager to see how their animals respond Monday and is Hosting a Solar Eclipse Day.

They will have observation areas set up where zoo goers can watch them.