MEMPHIS, Tenn. — With crime continuing to plague the city of Memphis, WREG had a survey conducted to get a better understanding of how it’s affecting residents and the changes they want to see moving forward.

The results show 64% of voters polled say they or a close friend or family member have been a victim of a car break-in in Memphis.

Even more startling, 46% percent of voters polled said they’d been the victim of a violent crime in the past year.

This polling was done the same weekend eight people were shot downtown, prompting conversations about how to address crime.

Memphis resident Caleb Roedel says he lives downtown and that he has also been a victim of crime.

“It’s wild, like every single morning I wake up I see something on the news or something down the street from me,” Roedel said. “My car has been broken into three times, every single time it’s in a private parking garage, everybody just getting their car broken into and nothing being done about it. It’s not even worth filing a police report.”

The concerns of Roedel are also shared by 600 likely voters according to the Emerson College poll done for WREG.

“I have six people that I know that have been murdered, either I knew them directly or they are family members, that’s inexcusable, that has to stop,” said Gary Wunderlich, a Memphis resident.

While Wunderlich did not participate in this study, he believes increasing police presence is a big part of the solution.

“I’m not sure if it solves the root of the problem but that certainly will make things safer,” he said.

That sentiment is shared by 21% of the participants who agreed that increasing police followed by enforcing laws and sentencing and addressing gun violence are the best ways to reduce crime.

Voters also rated the chances of being the victim of a violent crime in Memphis as 41% somewhat likely.