DESOTO COUNTY, Miss. — Tuesday night was a historic night with Thomas Tuggle becoming the second Black man to be elected sheriff in DeSoto County.

He will replace current Sheriff Bill Rasco, who is retiring after 15 years as sheriff. There is no Democrat in the race, so Tuggle faces no challenger in November.

Tuggle, a military veteran and former Mississippi Highway Patrol Lieutenant Colonel, came out to a cheering crowd, saying that DeSoto is no longer black or white. It’s red, white and blue.

During his speech, he talked about fighting crime by holding people accountable for the actions. He said his first priority as sheriff will be to unify all municipalities in the county.

Tuggle was endorsed by Sheriff Rasco, who welcomed him on stage.

“Well, we bring 30 years to the table and I’m going to put 30 years of experience to work for people in DeSoto County. We’re excited about it. We’re excited to bring it to the table,” Tuggle said. “My opponent is a great guy and I have nothing bad to say about him. I haven’t said anything negative about him. But this is a great county. This is a big county, and I have the experience the courage and the knowledge to deal with the threats that are racing this county.”

We also talked to supporters who said they knew all along he was the right man for the job.

“He’s got a military background and the military is a different breed of people and they go out and try to protect their own lines and that’s what he’s looking for in DeSoto County protecting the people,” said Eddie Moncrief.

“This is awesome I’m just so excite because it’s time for change. I feel that is going to hit the ground running going to make a change with the crime that’s going on,” said Terwanda Phillips.

Tuggle also said he wants to work with officials in Memphis to combat issues that may overflow into Desoto County.