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MASON, Tenn.– Changes are coming to the leadership in Mason, Tennessee where Councilman Eddie Noeman beat incumbent Mayor Emmitt Gooden in the November 8th election.

Mayor-Elect Eddie Noeman plans to move the Tipton County town out of financial distress and says the people have spoken.

“Mason is still alive and we’re going to get Mason together whether people like it or not,” he said.

Mason came under the spotlight after the State Comptroller’s Office urged the current administration to relinquish the town’s charter or be “folded” into Tipton County government because of continued financial mismanagement.

Under an agreement, Mason was allowed to keep its charter but monthly expenses must be reviewed and approved by a state-authorized CPA.

Noeman said the state’s action was inevitable because the town was digging a deeper and deeper money pit.

“We had to transfer some money from one account to another to keep the town going. At the end of the day it was a management issue, a money issue,” he said.

Noeman said he plans to clean up Mason, attract new business, develop a training center for potential workers at Ford’s Blue Oval City, and make public safety a priority.

“We’re going to increase the budget for the police department to hire more officers, to get more equipment,” he said.

A spokesperson said Mayor-Elect Noeman met with the State Comptroller’s Office Monday for a meaningful discussion.

“We continue to be very hopeful that the town of Mason will have a bright future ahead of it but the first step in doing that is getting the financial situation, the town government, under control and we’re encouraged by the fact the new Mayor has dedicated himself to that,” said John Dunn, Director of Communication with the Tennessee Comptroller’s Office.

Carl Sellers, one of Noeman’s supporters, is looking forward to positive change.

“We give him a chance, I do believe he can do good things,” he said.

Noeman has been meeting with county officials doing what he calls his homework prior to being sworn in on December 19th.

Eddie Noeman said he’s also writing a book called “The Secrets of Mason” which he plans to finish in the new year. He wouldn’t give us details but said we’ll just have to wait till it’s published.