Mike Espy holds rally in Jackson, as Mississippians cast their vote

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JACKSON, Miss. — The Mississippi senatorial race could have historic implications, as Mike Espy aims to be the first African-American senatorial candidate appointed in the state’s history.

There is real optimism that Espy could make history on election night. A rally he held just wrapped up with Espy speaking to the media, and he pointed to several factors that led to hope for a win.

This senatorial race is a rematch from Mississippi’s special election just two years ago. Thad Cochran was forced to step down due to health issues, and Cindy Hyde-Smith barely edged out Espy then, becoming the state’s first woman in congress.

But Espy’s camp believes more minorities are voting than ever before, and they said that could be the edge that swings this senate seat.

“We need to get to 36 percent of total turnout being African-American vote. Which is 3 percent above what we got in the last cycle, November 27, 2018. Clearly we’re going to do that,” Espy said.

Polling places in Mississippi closes at 7 p.m. on Tuesday.

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