Mid-South early voters share mixed opinions watching final presidential debate

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — As America waits for the final presidential debate, a record number of people in the Mid-South have already cast their ballot.

The Shelby County Election Commission says more than 225,000 people have early voted. Those early voting numbers also include absentee ballots.

And while they’ve clearly already made up their mind, the results as to whether or not they watch the final debate are mixed.

WREG talked to voters who just did their civic duty outside of Anointed Temple of Praise in Hickory Hill.

“It doesn’t make any difference,” said Carl Jasper. “I think most people have already made up their mind for who they want to vote for anyway.”

Another early voter, Reuben McMurray, says he probably won’t be watching.

“I may flip the channel and take a look for a few minutes, but at this point, I’m already sold on who I think will do a better job,” McMurray said.

But first-time voter 22-year-old Shaericka Lindsey has a different take.

“Yes, I plan to,” Lindsey said. “Yeah, I already cast my vote so I’m just hoping the vote is the right vote.” 

The coronavirus pandemic is one of the issues that drove early voters to the polls.

“I think healthcare is very important. Not just for myself but people who are older,” McMurray said.

“The biggest thing is COVID,” Jasper said. “Just somebody to have a plan to get through COVID.”

Racism in the country is another issue.

“Right now, in the world racism is a big thing right now, and for me being an African American, it’s really crazy because we’re all one,” Lindsey said. “You shouldn’t see color when you’re looking at somebody. I’m a nurse and growing up and seeing kids, they don’t see color. They’re taught that. So, if everybody just keeps the same mindset then that wouldn’t be a big issue.”

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