MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Some likely voters say the next mayor of Memphis should replace the city’s police chief, according to a poll conducted by Emerson College for WREG News Channel 3.

Crime will be on the minds of voters as they head to the polls in less than two months to choose a mayor and whether the new mayor should keep current Police Chief CJ Davis on the job.

In a News Channel 3/Emerson College Poll released Wednesday of likely voters, they were asked if the next mayor of Memphis should retain the current police chief, or should they replace her with someone new.    

A large number of voters, 42 percent, think the next mayor should replace Davis, while 28 percent think the next Mayor should retain her, and 30 percent are unsure or have no opinion.

But why do some voters possibly feel the way they do about the police chief and crime? When asked to rate the chance of being the victim of a violent crime in Memphis, 70% said they are somewhat likely.

The poll also asked voters in the past year, have you, a close friend or a family member been a victim of a violent crime in Memphis? Forty-six percent of respondents said yes.

Travel throughout almost any community or neighborhood in Memphis and most people like Israel Paredes and Choncie Banks will tell you crime and public safety are issues that are front and center for them.

“I know the crime rate in Memphis has not been the best. We have a lot of car hijackings that’s been the highest it’s been in a long time,” Paredes said.

“We’ve seen car break-ins. We’ve seen shootings at public events. We’ve seen house break-ins and murders from both sides and even from our police,” Banks said.

Crime in Memphis and whether the next mayor should keep the city’s police chief is top of mind for voters.

“I wouldn’t necessarily say she needs to be ousted. I think she does have a big role in dealing with our city and the type of things our city can produce, good and bad,” Banks said. “As the new mayor comes in, they should take a harder look at some of the things we can do to prevent things or maybe like a bigger presence in certain areas.”