You can take over Tom’s Christmas lights!

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AKRON, Ohio — People around the world are having a bit of fun thanks to one man in Akron, Ohio.

Tom Hammond, a computer technician at the University of Akron’s Wayne campus, decided to put up his Christmas lights and let others the world over take control.

“My system allows people to literally paint my house with colorful effects,” he told

The first night the website went live, Hammond had over 800 changes to his display. That number continues to grow each night as people around the globe find out about the display.

How does it work?

Visitors visit where they can select from 9 different animations.

Several seconds later, users will then see their selection via a livestream of Hammond’s home.

“Sometimes I’ll be in the house working and the lights are flashing and it makes me feel wonderful that people are having a blast with it,” Hammond told ABC News.

Hammond said he also set up a box in his front year that identifies the location of the person in control.

“I wanted people outside of my community to enjoy it,” Hammond, who lives in what he described as a “rural area,”  Hammond said. “The nicest thing I got was an email from an older lady who lives with her mother who said they couldn’t decorate their house this year and she showed her mom my website and said that was one of the best gifts, that she got to decorate.”

The lights are available each night from 5 p.m. ET to midnight until January 7.

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