YOLO Frozen Yogurt Workers’ Personal Information Exposed

(Memphis) Simone Rogers buys storage units up for auction to make extra cash, and put a bid in when she came across one filled with equipment from Yolo Frozen Yogurt.

“We were like, oh okay, we might’ve hit the jackpot,” Rogers explained.

After searching through her new unit, she found everything from waffle makers to Yolo signs.

Rogers also discovered more than she bargained for.

“W-4 Forms, people’s checks, blank checks for direct deposit, payroll checks, and payroll information,” she said.

The private information came from people who once worked for the yogurt shop.

The documents included their tax returns and social security numbers.

Yolo Owner and General Manager Corey Nelson blamed Taylor Berger, the company’s former owner and founder.

“Well, I sold the business.  So I sold everything that had to do with that business including it’s storage units and documents and I don’t have control over that anymore,” Berger said.

Berger is running for the Shelby County Commission District 5 seat and was also an attorney.

Rodgers showed us one document that appears to be one of his clients’.

“I never put any of my personal law clients in a storage locker,” Berger said.

Rogers said she is planning on returning all of the documents as soon as Berger or Nelson can pick them up.

She warned things could have been much worse.

“I could’ve been someone who uses people’s information. I could’ve been getting credit cards with these people’s social security numbers and stuff,” Rogers said.

YOLO Frozen Yogurt didn’t submit official comment Friday night, but management said they plan to pick up the documents Monday.